Helpful Downloads – Enjoy the following Freeware and/or Open-Source programs. These are programs that I recommend to all of my customers for basic PC security and optimum efficiency. Just click on the green links to download the install file.

CCleaner – You may have seen a commercial on TV advertising a program to help speed up your computer. This program does the same thing but for FREE. CLICK HERE to download.

Microsoft Security Essentials – This is a great free antivirus for Windows users. If you don’t currently have an antivirus or your commercial one is about to expire, try this. I use it on all of the PCs at my home and office. We never have any virus problems. CLICK HERE to download the Windows XP version. CLICK HERE to download the 32-bit Windows Vista/Windows 7 version. CLICK HERE to download the 64-bit Windows Vista/Windows 7 version.

Mozilla Firefox – Experts agree that Internet Explorer is no longer suited for browsing the web. Though it is getting better, it still has security and compatibility flaws. Mozilla Firefox is a great FREE alternative and has much more support from programmers worldwide. CLICK HERE to download.

Super Antispyware – Aside from a good antivirus a PC also needs good, real time spyware protection. This one can catch and fix most spyware problems. You may be surprised at how much it finds and how much spyware you actually had. CLICK HERE to download.

Open Office – For those of us who need a good office suite but can’t afford Microsoft’s $300 price tag then Open Office is perfect for you. It is compatible with Microsoft Office documents and it can save files in the same format (E.G. “.doc” or “.xls”). CLICK HERE to download.