Logic and Faith

Dr. Penrose

Logic can overcome ignorance. I am a minister and a scientist. Sometimes I’m accused of having blind faith to an ancient religion, that is no longer relevant in modern society. While it is true that faith is supposed to be blind, let me propose, for a moment, that the illogical ones are those who believe in the universe without a Creator.

Dr. Roger Penrose, a Physicist & Mathematician, of Oxford University, concluded the probability of the universe existing solely by chance is at least 10^123 (10 to the 123rd power), or a 1 followed by 123 zeros, to 1.

Now, I theorize the probability of the universe existing with a Creator is 1 to 1. For if the Creator exists then logic dictates that the universe has a 100% chance of existing as it does today.

Now I ask you; which requires more blind faith? Assuming that nothing created everything, purely by chance, a ratio of 10^123 to 1? Or assuming that there is a Creator, who can create everything out of nothing, with a ratio of 1 to 1?

Source: https://www.allaboutphilosophy.org/teleological-argument-and-entropy-faq.htm