It’s Official! I’m an Ordained Minister

Some time ago, while I was still a young adult, I had the privilege of listening to Rev. Quinton Mills, a Gospel singer. After the production, we spoke some more in person and I believe I was seeking prayer, if memory serves. He had recalled who I was, instantly, from a letter I wrote previously that year. He and his wife were very touched by it. “You’re the one…” he said with great delight as he proceeded to tell me how it was received by them. At this time, there was something special he saw in me. Inspired by the Holy Spirit, he anointed both my hands and my head with oil, that I should do something great for the Lord.

God had great plans for my life, though I didn’t know how great. That day I became anointed to serve the Lord; I believe as a minister — going by the traditions laid out in the Bible.

A similar experience happened again with the Rev. David Bates, who was the speaker at our Church summer camp. No letter this time, but once again as we spoke, he began to se something great that God had planned for my life. We were determined, that in anything I do, I would serve the Lord first. This was my 2nd anointing and confirmation, that I was destined to minister, however possible.

I never did get the opportunity to go to a Bible college. But it isn’t a Biblical requirement either, to be a minister. In fact, according to the Bible, I had all I needed, inspiration from the Holy Spirit, a Calling, and even anointing to do so by fellow Ministers. Still, I had the resolve to prove to myself that I was going to be ready.

I had a good foundation, having graduated from a private Baptist school, where daily Bible study was a requirement. And I have made it through the Bible several times. Now with a career, I continued to study religious materials, both with online courses, and using books I’ve purchased over the years. All the while, and even as a child, I witnessed to others at every given opportunity, without shame or hesitation, even if I was surrounded by non-believers. For a while I taught as a youth Pastor for my church and I even had the opportunity to preach at a prison in Ohio. To this day, I hold true to my beliefs and the world notices. Believe me, they’re always watching.

In Aril of 2015, I became affiliated with a non-denominational church, based in California, with whom I was doing an online study. I chose to remain non-denominational, even though I had a Baptist and Methodist background. I believe it is right to determine my own beliefs based on what God’s word says, rather than relying solely other’s interpretation. Whereas, if I had gone to Bible college, I would study a specific Discipline and Theology. And staying non-denominational allows me to reach more people; as some may have pre-conceived notions about various belief systems. However, in most situations, if people ask, I just say “Protestant.”

Before the end of last year (2017), I applied to receive, more modern – official credentials from the church I was affiliated with, and already recognized by, as an ordained minister.

Did I need official credentials to minister? No, not really. There is neither a religious requirement, nor a legal requirement to have credentials in order to preach. You know, 1st Amendment and all. That said, I did pursue a goal of teaching and prepping myself to be able preach and effectively. God always gives me the right words to say when I’m ministering and witnessing to others.

So, it’s official! From this day forward I’m considered a fully recognized minister of Jesus Christ and In His Name, I will do great things!

Please feel free to reach out to me if you need prayer and/or counseling.

Click Here to see my minister’s credentials.