The Widow’s Offering

The Widow's Offering

Angel Computer Services is a proud sponsor of Crimson Cross Ministries.

Crimson Cross Ministries Nickel Campaign

God can bless any donation, no matter how small. Take for example, the New Testament story of the widow’s offering. (Mark 12:41-44, Luke 21:1-4) Jesus was at the temple and witnessed many rich people give large offerings to the temple treasury. Then along came a poor widow, who put in two small copper coins, called mites. Jesus then says to the crowd that the widow put in more than all of the others, because they gave out of their wealth, but she gave all that she had to live on.

We are asking for any size donation to further God’s kingdom, even if all you can give is five cents; two cents to represent the two mites the widow gave and three cents to represent the Trinity (Father, Son, & Holy Ghost). Of course other amounts are also appreciated.

We operate on a voluntary basis and 100% of all donations will support Christian events, bands, ministries, and other Religious, non-profit organizations.

Thank you for your support. You can donate by mail or through PayPal.

Mail donations to:
Crimson Cross Ministries
c/o Roger Yeager
5 Brier Creek Lane
Fairchance, PA 15436

For more information see their Website or Facebook page.

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